What the Shape of Your Buttocks Reveals About Your Health

Several studies indicate that the location of fats in our body(including the butt) can anticipate the status of your heart and vessels. Ladies could suffer from high blood pressure or stroke because of the extra few pounds in their middle area. That means your butt may show many things about your health. These 4 types of buttocks can indicate what health problems you have.

What the Shape of Your Buttocks Reveals About Your Health

Your buttocks have a square shape

This shape of buttocks indicates that your taking a wrong exercising programming or not getting enough training which doesn’t  help you burn fats the way it should; it might be also caused by the hormone cortisol that can cause sleep issues.

People with this shape have a good metabolism and balanced weight gaining.


  1. Try to calculate calories per day but dont take it too far to an extreme diet.
  2. It is recommended to take care of shoulders and thighs for both men and women. Planks are good exercise for you.

You have heart-shaped buttocks

This shape is known by a wider part at the bottom and with the waist being thin. People with heart shaped buttocks are more likely to lose fats easily, however when they gain weight it is concentrated in their middle area.

If you notice that your hips and thighs are getting bigger and fatter, you should reconsider the diet you re on, and that means that you are under a lot of stress and you’re not doing enough activities. It might be also the excessive drinking of alcohol either for males or females which put you in front of the risk of osteoarthritis and cellulite.


  1. You should consider consuming more protein, vegetables, and fruits
  2. Focus on training the lower part of your body in addition to cardio exercies.  

Your shape is an inverted triangle

As we age, the fats situated in our butts shift to other places of our body because of the low estrogen levels which can lead to several issues such as heart problems or depression or fragile bones and unstable weight.


  1. Consult a specialist which can provide the perfect training for you
  2. Protect your heart from fats
  3. preserve your diet

Your buttocks are round-shaped

This can be considered the perfect shape of a person because it is so healthy and everything is balanced. Fats can be concentrated in the glutes so it is necessary to keep your health in check so you can maintain your perfect shape.


You should always keep up the training in addition to the careful consumption of calories according to your weight.

What a flat butt is trying to tell you

If your buttocks is flat then you’re most likely suffering from “death butt syndrome”. Our reality condemns us to spend most of the time sitting either for work or in front of computer or watching T.V which is the main cause of gluteal amnesia. Our muscles situated at the butt lose their purpose and make the body lose its shape


  1. Do stretching.
  2. You can practice squat at home or any place you are without going to gym.
  3. Try to walk long distances.

What is your opinion about dead butt syndrome? do you think it is the cause of our modern time?

How often do you practice your body to stay in shape?

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