Travel Beauty Tips for Every Girl On the Go

no matter the way you use to travel, either by train or car or plane or boat, your skin and hair will certainly get affected during the process due to space and TSA restrictions, however, you can’t carry every single beauty product that you prefer with you. So if you are planning a weekend or a summer trip with your girlfriends, consider these tips and keep them in mind anytime you hit the road. they will be very useful for your skin and hair and keep them in shape, furthermore they will make you more relaxed during your trip.

1. Ziploc bags are your best friend.

ziplocks are very necessary concerning organizing your items, they make you take advantage of all the space you will need. you can place bobby pins and hair bands and hair accessories together in a ziplock, whereas Q-Tips and cotton pads go in their own bag which will make your set up less complicated. this is needed when TSA asks you to pack all your items in together in one.

to keep the rest of belonging safe, there is a doubling ziplock bag for spill-prone liquids. liquid items can end up doing crazy stuff due to the air pressure throughout the plane trips such as, (without warning they can spill out of their sealed containers). so make sure to take precautions concerning this matter, that is to say, you must put a piece of tape around the container and make sure that the product is put in its own ziplock bag in order not to damage anything if it ends up spilling.

2. Treat as you travel.

whether you are traveling on the road, or above the clouds, or on the water, it would be a nice opportunity to let go of your makeup if you can stand it. try new things like a clear mask instead of letting the makeup fixed on your face in the midst of that recycled air. the AVEDA ‘enbrightenment’ Brightening Intensive Massage Masque is a clear mask which contains 100% of natural ingredients derived from plants. no one can notice it and its easy to remove using a facial cleansing wipe.  

3. Hydrate more than you’d think.

t is necessary to maintain your body hydrated especially if your trip is by an airplane because the air at a certain altitude becomes extremely dry. it would be very disappointing for you to have a flaky skin and a tired, dull complexion!  you have to drink plenty of water, and you shouldn’t depend only on the water served during your flight, you must carry your own bottle with you and drink as much as possible you can. expert recommend drinking 8 ounces per hour during the trip.

you can apply a moisturizer as an addition for skin hydration, try the Kate Somerville Goat Milk Cream, it is very calming and relaxing, and refresh your skin with a hydrating mist the First Aid Beauty Vitamin Hydrating Mist is a good option because it will help fix the moisture on the skin.

4. Pack products that multitask.

it would be so annoying to have a mess of products crowding your space on your trip, as an alternative, pack multi-purpose products to keep it at ease. Looking for a tinted cream stain that can be used as a cheek and lip color? try The BECCA Beach Tint. Looking for a sunscreen that also doubles as an oil-absorbing face powder? consider the Mineral Fusion Brush-On Sun Defense.  how about a shampoo that intensifies the hair? we’re recommending the R+Co Death Valley Dry Shampoo and the good news it comes with different sizes so u can use it while traveling.

5. Go tiny.

consider using every single free sample that you get in your beauty subscription box and beauty stores so you can get rid of the empty packages before you return back, therefore you will have fewer items to bring and less unpacking to do. when you use your small items and finish them during your vacation it’ll make life easier for you.

6. Fix flat hair.

long hours of travel isn’t in favor of our hair because it only leaves it with a flat wide spot on the back of the head. this requires a quick fix which consists of moistening that area of the hair to correct the direction of the roots then brush through it in a normal way. it is better to put a hair mask before traveling and form up a knot on top of your hair to keep it safe because long travels are as just harsh on your hair as it is on your skin. and make sure to have a shower before traveling because it is very useful to remove stress.

7. Perk up your peepers.

if you travel by car, then you can probably pack a mini-freezer with some drinks or snacks. if your eyes get inflated during your trip, put a spoon in the mini-freezer and put the rounded side on your eyes, it will help it to relax and refresh. try to do the same thing around your nose or on the chin or the cheeks too.

you can try to store your eye cream in the mini-cooler if you are staying in a hotel room. we recommend the First Aid Beauty Eye Duty Triple Remedy because it contains an unusual stainless steel applicator tip that magnifies circulations and decreases swollen eyes.

8. Get up and go.

get rest now and then while traveling, but get up and move every hour to maintain the circulation of blood through your body. try flexing your arms and feet from time to time to keep blood flowing, it is very healthy. it would be really a bad situation if your leg goes to sleep during long travels because if you try to step on it on that state it might break, so doing these simple exercise will prevent that.

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