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REMEDY DAILY Like to look more from Home Remedies. Doctors, Health care expertise, and nutritionists regularly suggest that people have to drink greater amount of water. That’s a good activity to do, but every so often you find that what your body places out isn’t anywhere near the quantity of water which you drank. If you got this problem, you are probably retaining water. For the majority of people, water retention is a transient problem. For others, it can be way worse. Swollen ankles or hands are signs of water retention. You may notice that your ring does not fit on your finger or your stomach is abnormally full. If you have doubt about that you are retaining fluid, try to smoothly and firmly press with your thumb on the calf of your leg. When you let it go, if you notice a permanent print is left, you are most likely experiencing water retention, also known as edema.

If you feel so even after several days, you have to see your doctor to have everything in check. This could be caused because of the variations in temperature or the changes in hormones. Edema can lead to dangerous cases, however for the non-dangerous issues, here are six methods to help the reduction of water retention and return to the normal state.

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