Five ways to maintain your mane this monsoon

We all know the humidity and moisture which follows the monsoon affect our hair Monsoon storms stuffed with pollutants hindrances hair condition, driving to damage and hair drop. Moreover, the scalp becomes more likely to dehydration heading to dandruff and frizziness. The winter arrives with its beauty, but hair difficulties enhance more frequent and hair fall develops significantly in the season. Although, hair damage obstacles due to this annual turnover can be marked with particular dimensions and expert supervision.

Check the list below for a few and great tips to keep your mane during the monsoon period.

Wash your hair constantly: The most significant step is keeping the scalp clean in order to keep your hair strong and a healthy scalp. Therefore, you should at least wash your hair 2 to 3 times a week. Furthermore, conditioning inhibits fungal disease and guarantees that moisture is intact producing a soft and bright touch to the hair.

 Reduce hair styling products: The continuous presentation to a humid environment in the stormy period makes the scalp dry and makes it more represented to damage which becomes more susceptible. Therefore, excess usage of hair straighteners, curling rods and dryers can show to be bad in monsoons.

Dietary care: People should take care of their diet because is an essential component of one’s hair condition. Therefore, it should be held in check all the time. Try to include foods such as fruits, nuts, yogurt, milk, meat, and chicken to your diet because these foods are protein-rich, they help stimulate hair growth and don’t forget to drink more water, it is really important to keep yourself hydrated in order to maintain moisture and combat dryness.

Evade damage: Utilize the correct comb to order your hair, you’d better use wide-toothed combs with small static. Moreover, to withdraw damage, commence arranging your hair from the bottom and then go to the roots. Additionally, avoid combing wet hair to fight hair loss.

Save your hair in style: Finally, when it is raining try to take an umbrella with you or a waterproof coat in order to avoid hair damage from the elements that come with rainwater and to limit close contact with the rainwater. In addition to this, braiding your hair in this season not only preserves it from the loss but further stimulates the hair follicles.

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