onetimes our internal organs reflect what is internally happening over our skin. irritation and inflammation are signs that the body is reacting to something internally, something within your system that might cause numerous skin issues like acne, wrinkles or rashes including eczema or psoriasis. consider the following culprits

1. Sugar

when you eat foods which are composed of carbohydrates (sugar), your body disseminates the carbohydrates into glucose causing your insulin levels to rise. when eating simple carbohydrates like white bread, soda, etc…, it causes insulin to increase which creates inflammations throughout the body. inflammations generate enzymes that dismantle collagen and elastin causing the wrinkles to show up over the skin. it can also make acne and rosacea go worse.  

2. Gluten

gluten is a protein that can be found in corn, grain, and barely, it can also be found in numerous types of food like salad, ketchup, soy sauce, salad, and ice cream. some persons are extremely sensitive to gluten because gluten itself generates inflammations that begin in the gut, which becomes contagious to the other parts of the body. when you get inflammation by gluten, your skin will start to experience issues and severe skin conditions like eczema, acne, psoriasis and other rashes caused by the inflammation.

3. Dairy

in recent studies, there have been some results stating that acne is clearly associated with dairy consumptions. dairy products are composed of hormones which trigger sebum production and insulin spikes causing them to increase and result in the inflammation the skin and giving it acne because the combination of carbohydrates and the content of milk makes it so difficult to digest.

4. Soy

soy is composed of phytoestrogens, which simulates the estrogen hormones naturally existing in the body. Phytoestrogens have the ability to reduce the quantity of estrogen that the body generates, and consequently increasing the androgen production.  disturbances in the balance of estrogen and androgen within the woman’s body might cause hormonal-type breakouts.

  5. Alcohol

consuming alcohol leads to dehydration and inflammation. the negative effects of alcohol can be clearly dispatched over the skin. this includes red spots over the face and flushness which are both very intensified with rosacea  patients case. alcohol contains sugar which leads to inflammation, it also causes the skin to dehydrate making it appear pale and less fresh in the morning . .

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