11 Casual Things We Do Without Thinking About the Consequences (N3 is important)

10. Feeding Birds

It is a fun activity to feed birds in a central park or so, and it is a good demonstration for children to spread love and share feelings of kindness, however it also carries a high chances of gathering a diversity of diseases and infections while doing so because there is a possibility of 50% that city birds are carrying some type of contagious disease for example rabbit fever, Newcastle disease, and toxoplasmosis and that’s just a few of many 

9. Wearing Cheap Sunglasses

These types of glasses may do the job for making you look good but in terms of protection, they are worthless and they provide no protection against the sun. Simply because the materials used to create these kinds of glasses are so cheap and the quality is so poor therefore their uselessness isn’t the thing to be worried about, but the possibility of being at risk when wearing them than not wearing any t at all. The cheap materials will make your eyes exposed to a double dose of UV rays which can lead to serious issues even cancer in worst cases.

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