3 Popular Bridal Beauty Treatments That Should Never Be Done Before Wedding Day

it is really difficult to determine what bridal treatment to exert and what facials to apply on your wedding day. it becomes extremely complicated to figure out how long do they work or do they even work, are they healthy for the skin or might cause damage which makes the bride appear messy on her wedding day. 

well, fortunately, am here to get rid of your concerns and determine what you should avoid on your wedding day.

1. Salon facials

stay far, far away from salon facials for pre-bridal skin. it might seem strange for you since almost everyone gets facials before their wedding day, however, what they don’t know is that most salon facials can harm your skin, cause you allergy, and the worst of all it is possible that you get zits.

studies have shown that in south Asia, 47% of people who get facials end up having zits after approximately 10 to 25 days. because the salon facials use a variety of products which contain a hundred of ingredients, as a consequence, it might get those zits popping up around your event.

the majority of women have sensitive skin, therefore applying multiple products on the face may have some serious repercussions and might cause a disaster. 

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