13 Early warning signs that your body is crying for help

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What happens when we neglect our bodies? What would happen if we do not pay as much attention to our body health and are not concerned about our overall wellbeing? It only means that we would fall ill and not be in a position to do even the basic of things for ourselves. We wouldn’t even consider having private health insurance for ourselves, all in the name of never been ill or assume to be too much spending. Your health is of essence, without it, who are you? So to put things into perspective, below are just some of the health risks we pose to ourselves, many without paying any attention to:

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1 –Dry skin like newborn faces.

When an adult has dry skin, it is not considered even in medical situations as a natural peel off process, as it so happens in newborns. Ideally, this would be as a result of dehydration or some allergens on your skin. Not having it looked by a medical personnel or at the least being able to know how to treat yourself while at home, would lead to discomfort, rashes all over the body and a lot of itching all the time. Hence, the more reason to ensure that you pay more attention to yourself and your body, and seek medical advice when necessary.

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