12 makes up rules you should be aware of when you surpass your middle age (N5 is important)

11/be aware of which lip color work best with your skin tone

as you’re getting older, your lips naturally lose definition, therefore you would like to avoid colors which make your pout look smaller and less highlighted  such as dark colors that is to say dark reds or purples and browns.     instead ” Choose a color that blends into your skin tone color palette,” a suggestion by Joseph. You are able to determine the most suitable shade for yourself if you look at the color tone of your lips, tongue, and gums.” Pink? Mauve? Salmon? Allow your innate taste to lead you to the right colors. We can’t wait to see the January release of Maybelline’s Color Sensational Inti-Matte Nudes, a collection of creamy matte lippies in 10 warm neutrals—with added honey nectar oils to keep lips hydrated.

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