12 makes up rules you should be aware of when you surpass your middle age (N5 is important)

12 / Say yes to foundation; no to powder

at some point of your age, your skin is most likely to weaken and develop wrinkles, therefore you need to change your makeup routine to adapt to these changes. the first thing to start with is to get rid of the powder, which certainly makes you look older. because the powder consumes your skin as it adds way too much texture to your skin. accordingly, Cindy Joseph, a makeup artist and the founder of the makeup line, stated that the skin is alive and should look dewy. don’t put powder over foundation, wait for it to dry then start dabbing moisturizer over it says, Joseph. Laura Mercier’s tinted moisturizer is considered to be a great lightweight option for smooth coverage, then press a makeup sponge on the wrinkled areas after applying it on your face, and make sure to choose the right foundation-the color should match the skin’s before its blended.   

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