10 Ways Body May Be Telling You Something’s Wrong

According to specialists, a strong will to eat something salty or desire for ice could be a symptom of a real issue such as lack of minerals and vitamins. That’s why it is always necessary to pay attention to any recent changes at th cce level of habits especially if they are developed suddenly out of nowhere.

We at Raftell have established a list of some issues that your body is trying to transmit to you in order to sustain your health.

10. Thickening of the skin

Skin issues are not to be ignored or underestimated because when the skin becomes so itchy, it could be a sign of series of serious troubles including eczema or allergies. If you notice that the problem is lasting more than usual then you should run some blood tests to make sure of your safety.

9. A change in handwriting, a loss of smell, and intense dreams

Parkinson’s disease might be known worldwide but not its symptoms: trembling, weakness of movement, unstable sleep accompanied with nightmares, and speech changes might be symptoms of the disease, health administration state.

8. Anger and aggressive behavior

Some researches state that getting angry all of a sudden does not necessarily relate to your personality, it could be related to depression. They say that depression is not always about sadness or lack of activity, it is always related to aggressive behavior.

7. Sleeping too much

healthcare administration state that this disorder called hypersomnia is not caused just by tiredness. Some autoimmune sicknesses may cause the one to have the desire to sleep anytime anywhere. Also consuming alcohol prior to sleeping may cause this effect.

6. Salt cravings

It is totally normal to like salty foods however, when you get an uncontrollable desire for them and they become the only thing you want, then you need to question yourself about the reason. According to some partners in health,this can be a sign of iron deficiency, anemia, dehydration or premenstrual syndrome.

5. Forgetfulness, fatigue, and a low libido

It might seem like depression that you look tired of everything and don’t have the ability to remember things. Doctors state that it is not recommended to ignore these symptoms because it might signify a thyroid hormone issue in the body. There is a possibility that you feel cold and gain weight.

4. Always feeling thirsty

Specialists state that something is wrong if you feel thirsty all time. It could be related to the food that you eat especially salty or spicy food. Thirst could be also a sign of diabetes or pregnancy.

3. A crawling, creeping feeling in your legs

If you get unusual sensation at the level of your legs like crawling, creeping, or the desire to move it, it might be a sign that your leg isn’t getting enough rest or what is known as restless leg syndrome. It is common that you get this feeling late at night when you’re trying to rest.

2. Wanting to chew ice

The intense desire to chew ice could be more than just a habit. You need to run some blood tests because this might be the sign of a serious issue.

1. Changes in eye color

If you notice a white or grey circle around your eye, , it may be a sign of high cholesterol for people below  45 years old. Specialists have concluded that the circle is not harmful and only has effect on the visual effect.

What other surprising symptoms do you know of that could reveal things about your body’s condition? Please share your stories in the comments as they could be useful for someone else!

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